China Society of Natural Resources

China Society of Natural Resources (CSNR), approved by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) in September 1980 and found in October 1983, is a national, academic and non-profit societal community under the joint leadership with the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS).

The CSNR was formerly approved as Chinese Natural Resources Association in 1983 and renamed as the present name in February 1993. Since its foundation, five national member congresses have been hold in turn in October 1983, January 1988, February 1993, May 1998 and April 2004. The CSNR presidents was Hou Xueyu as the first, Sun Honglie as the second and third, Shi Yulin as the fourth, and Liu Jiyuan as the latest, respectively.

Until now the CSNR has been developed into an influential academic organization in which there are 12 specialized committees and 2 working committees with more than 4000 members, including 14 academicians and 34 group member agencies all over the country in resource-related fields as strategic decision-making, scientific researches and consultancies, resources development and education, and disciplinary construction of resources science. At present the CSNR runs two academic journals: Journal of Natural Resources and Journal of Basic Science and Engineering, and assisted to establish 6 provincial levels of societies in four provinces of Hunan, Hubei, Shangdong, and Fujian and two Autonomous Regions of Ningxia Hui Nationality and Xinjiang Uigur Nationality in China.

Since its establishment, the CSNR has conducted lots of academic activities, disseminated technological knowledge, masterminded technological consultation and argumentation for hot issues in fields of population, resources and environment that need solutions urgently in close connection with national socio-economy and sustainable development. It has also successively held more than 100 times of large or middle scale of academic workshops or symposiums at home and abroad. In order to raise its leading position in resources science, the CSNR organized and participated compiling as more as over 100 volumes of reports and monographs, which of them is China Encyclopedia of Resources Science, a huge academic tool book edited by over 600 related scientists and experts under the organization of the CSNR. This encyclopedia is composed of two parts and 19 branches, including more than 3.27 million words, 2439 figures and 2589 terms. It has introduced some systemic theoretical achievements and experiences in fields of resources researches over 50 years in China, demonstrating generally the development and advances of resources science. It could also be a good reference book on resources science in the world, making great contributions to the formation of the theoretical bases of resources science.

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