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China's Inland Surface Water Quality Significantly Improves: Study
A new study published on Friday in the journal Science Advances showed that China's inland surface water quality improved significantly from 2003 to 2017.
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  • Consultation Workshop on Enhancing Climate Information Services and Early Warning Organized for the Central Asia region
  • The African Regional Workshop of the Global Dryland Ecosystem Programme and the Second Conference on Climate, Ecosystems and Livelihoods Held in Africa
  • An International Scientific Team Investigates the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor in Siberia and Greater Altai
  • New Technologies Crucial in Safeguarding Water Security
  • Research Progress
    Alpine Grassland01.jpg
    Does Climate Change or Human Activity Dominate Alpine Grassland Change?
    Associate Professor FU Gang's team at IGSNRR found that gross primary production (GPP) can be used as an indicator to quantify ecosystem changes. 
    Photo for Desertification Research—top .jpg
    Researchers Estimate Distribution of Hotspots for Desertification Research in China Using the Nor...
    Associate Professor HU Yunfeng’s team at IGSNRR used the Normalized Comprehensive Hotspots Index (NCH) to determine the spatial distribution of ho...
    China’s Inland Surface Water Quality Significantly Improves
    Understanding how water quality responds to increased human pressures and environmental efforts is crucially important for improving water security...
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    * Forum for Water Problem——the 35th Lecture in 2019 Dec 24
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