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Ski lovers01.jpg
Ski Lovers Slide on Fur Snowboards in Xinjiang
Mamani never thought he would ski 300 kilometers from his hometown in the mountains to the city of Altay in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, but the 30-year-old herdsman, a...
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  • Study Connects Pollution to Mood Changes
  • Commute Or Switch Jobs? 45 Minutes Marks the Threshold
  • Airbnb Lands in Rural China
  • Researchers Track Job and Housing Dynamics with Transit Smartcard Data
  • Research Progress
    How to Calculate the CO2 Emission.jpg
    How to Calculate the CO2 Emission Factors of Cement Industry in China more accurately?
    Dr. GENG Yuanbo’s group found that Raw Material Carbonate Method is more accurate and simpler than other methods based on inorganic carbon and org...
    Contrasting responses of autumn-leaf senescence observations .jpg
    Researches Find Contrasting Responses of Autumn-leaf Senescence to Daytime and Night-time Warming
    Autumn leaf-senescence has been challenging to predict but plays an important role in regulating carbon balance of ecosystems. Prof. WU Chaoyang’s...
    Classification of regular commuters01.jpg
    Researchers Release Commutes Affect Our Job and Housing Dynamics
    Job and housing dynamics are related to commutes of our daily life. Few longitudinal studies have examined their correlations. Now, a study reporti...
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