The Special Issue of ChinaFLUX Releases in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

ChinaFLUX, established in 2002, is a regional observation and research network focusing on terrestrial ecosystem carbon, nitrogen, water, and energy fluxes. 

Up to now, ChinaFLUX operates over 80 flux sites, covering major ecosystem types across China and various climatic zones from tropical to temperate. Conducting continuous observations for more than 20 years, ChinaFLUX has provided crucial data support for quantifying the spatiotemporal variations of ecosystem carbon, nitrogen, water, and energy fluxes and their responses to climate changes. It has emerged as a significant component of AsiaFlux and FLUXNET. 

A special issue of ChinaFLUX, presenting carbon, nitrogen, water, and energy cycles in terrestrial ecosystems in China over the last two decades, was published in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 

Researchers from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, along with other universities and institutions, revealed the key mechanisms influencing the responses of carbon, nitrogen, and water cycles of different terrestrial ecosystems to global changes.

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