Researchers Present Spatial Heterogeneity of Global Monthly Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentrations under the CMIP6 Historical and Future Scenarios

Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations by fossil fuel combustion is the main driver of global warming. Global CO2 retrieval products based on continuous satellite observations reveal nonuniform distributions of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. However, current studies on climate simulation are mainly based on assumptions of globally uniform mean or latitudinally resolved CO2 concentrations.  

Prof. DENG Xiangzheng, at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his collaborators published a paper entitled “Global monthly gridded atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations under the historical and future scenarios” in Scientific Data at Nature Publishing Group in March 2022. 

These researchers reconstructed the global monthly distributions of atmospheric CO2 concentrations with a 1o resolution from 1850 to 2013, which are based on the historical monthly latitudinally resolved CO2 concentrations and account longitudinal features retrieved by fossil-fuel CO2 emissions from Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. The spatial distributions of CO2 concentrations under shared socio-economic pathways (SSPs) and representative concentration pathways (RCPs) scenarios were generated based on the spatial, seasonal and interannual scales of the current CO2 concentrations from 2015 to 2150.  

The study shows the spatial distributions of global atmospheric CO2 concentrations (ppm) averaged during 2041-2060 (critical period for carbon neutrality). The global monthly gridded atmospheric CO2 dataset can be accessed via the Zenodo data repository 

In addition they found that the heterogenous CO2 distributions could enhance the realism of global climate modeling for better anticipating the potential socio-economic implications, adaptation practices, and mitigation of climate change.  


Cheng, W., Dan, L., Deng, X., Feng, J., Wang, Y., Peng, J., Tian, J., Qi, W., Liu, Z., Zheng, X., Zhou, D., Jiang, S., Zhao, H., Wang, X. Global monthly gridded atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations under the historical and future scenarios. Scientific Data 9 (1), 83 (2022).

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