Prof. LIU Suxia Introduces Their Published Research on Wobbly Earth at Wiley Podcast Spotlight

Recently, Professor LIU Suxia at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences accepted the interview from Wiley Podcast, talking about their newly published work in Geophysical Research Letter entitled “Polar Drift in the 1990s Explained by Terrestrial Water Storage Changes”. 

Right after the publication, the paper received wide attention from more than one hundred media organizations with interests on, for example, if human activity has really knocked the earth off its axis. In this episode the Podcast was talking to Professor LIU Suxia about what happened when she agreed to talk about her research with the media and hard-working story before the publication on conducting such an exploratory and interdisciplinary research as a hydrologist.

The podcast of Wiley Publisher has been going since 2019. Believing ‘The only way for research to change the world is if the world knows and cares about it’, the podcast This Study Shows, is aiming to explore how to connect research with emotions and experiences, transforming the way science is shared.

The research was funded by the National Key Research and Development Program of China projects, the National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China,the Danida Fellowship Centre and EOForChina project.

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