Forum for Water Problem——the 35th Lecture in 2023

Topic: Reconstructing and Forecasting Karst Spring Discharge with Deep Learning Approaches

Speaker: ZHOU Renjie, Assistant Professor

Brief introduction to the speaker:

He is an assistant Professor, Department of Environmental and Geosciences Sam Houston State University.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Deep learning and its applications in hydrology/hydrogeology; Heat transfer in the aquifer and fractured porous media with analytical and numerical modeling; Fluid flow and reactive solute transport in subsurface porous media with analytical and numerical modeling; Geochemical interactions between calcite solids and pore fluids during carbonate diagenesis. 

Time: 9:30am December 29, 2023

Venue: Room A0848, IGSNRR

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Hosted by Key Laboratory of Water Cycle & Related Land Surface Processes, CAS 

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