Forum for Water Problem——the 30th Lecture in 2023

Topic: EPSRC funded flood risk research at the University of Leeds

Speaker: Amrie Singh from the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds

Amrie Singh is a research fellow in flood risk in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds. Her research includes urban flood modelling, coastal flood modelling, wastewater treatment, flood risk management and climate change.

Her current research focuses on flood modelling in coastal cities. She has experience in multiple modelling programs such as HEC-RAS, TuFLOW, ICM Infoworks, Flood Modeller Pro, LISFLOOD, SWAT, Itzi, all used for flood risk modelling and assessment. She is on the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) flooding community advisory board, and also a member of the chartered institute of water and environmental management.

Brief introduction to the report:

This presentation provides a synopsis of two research project focused on flood risk undertaken at the University of Leeds. The first project focused on utilising flood models, namely Tuflow and HEC-RAS to identify flood source areas (FSAs) in a catchment. The methodology involved representation of sub-surface drainage and climate change scenarios to assess their impacts on FSA identification.

Time: 10:00-11:30am November 13, 2023

Venue: Room A901, IGSNRR

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