Forum for Water Problem——the Twenty Third Lecture in 2023

Topic: AI-empowered Cross-scale Sensing for Climate-smart Agriculture

Speaker: Dr. WANG Sheng, Assistant Professor, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Brief introduction to the report:

Climate-smart agriculture requires an integrated approach to monitor, model, and optimize management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ensure the co-sustainability of food production and environmental quality.

Timely and high-resolution agriculture data are essential for measuring, reporting, and verifying climate-smart agriculture implementation. However, conventional agricultural data collection through field sampling, laboratory analysis, and/or grower surveys is time-consuming and costly, which further limits the interpretation of large-scale satellite data.

To address this challenge, the researchers developed an artificial intelligence-empowered cross-scale sensing framework to integrate proximal, airborne, and spaceborne data to scalably upscale agriculture field measurements to every field in Illinois and beyond. This cross-scale sensing framework can accurately detect climate-smart agriculture-related variables, e.g., crop characteristics, tillage practices, cover crops, and soil organic carbon. We highlight that hyperspectral data from proximal, airborne, and new/forthcoming spaceborne missions provide high potential to empower agricultural monitoring and assessment across scales to support food security and environmental sustainability.

Time: 15:00-17:30pm, October 19, 2023

VenueRoom 901, Building A, IGSNRR

Host: Prof. LIU Suxia

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