Academic Report: Thinking about Thinking in Chronotopologic Modeling & Mapping


Host: Prof. WANG Jinfeng

Time: 4:00pm May 8, 2023

Venue: Meeting Room: A0214 

Brief Introduction to the speaker

Dr. George Christakos received a PhD from Harvard Univ. (USA), an MSc from MIT (USA), an MS from Univ. of Birmingham (UK), an ScD and a Diplom from National Technical Univ. of Athens (Greece).

He is a Professor Emeritus of SDSU (2022-Present). He has been a a Distinguished Professor (Birch Endowed Chair) of SDSU Dept of Geography (2006-2022); a Professor of Univ. North Carolina (UNC-Chapel Hill) School of Public Health (1990-2005); and an Adjunct Professor of UNC Dept of Statistics (2001-2005).

His teaching and research activities focus on science-based modeling and prediction of interdisciplinary natural systems; ocean modeling and environmental health; pollution monitoring and control; risk analysis and decision making; scientific reasoning and knowledge synthesis; spatiotemporal random fields and uncertainty assessment; chronotopologic stochastics and geostatistics; temporal-GIS; space-time epidemiology and medical geography.  

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