Forum for Water Problem——the Ninth Lecture in 2020

Topic: 3D displacement fields from SAR amplitude images: Applications to earthquake, volcano and underground nuclear test

Speaker: Dr. WANG Teng, Peking University

Brief introduction to the report:

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery is a powerful remote-sensing technology that allows for mapping the surface displacement with the resolution of a few meters. Although Interferometric SAR (InSAR) has been widely used in earth science studies, applications often suffer from decorrelation in the area of large displacement gradient, causing data gap near the ruptured crust.

Pixel offsets between SAR amplitude images can provide unambiguous ground displacement measurements in both the radar line-of-sight (range) direction and the along-track (azimuth) flight direction, allowing for deriving complete (3D) displacement in the near field.

Here he will present how SAR amplitude images can help us better understand geodynamic processes via three independent cases. The three applications demonstrate that SAR amplitude information is important for revealing unprecedented displacement field near the ruptured crust. Such detailed geodetic measurements can bring new knowledges about the deformed crust.

Time: 9:30-10:30am, 18 December, 2020

Venue: Meeting room A0901, IGSNRR

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