Forum for Water Problem——the Second Lecture in 2020

Topic1: Quantifying uncertainty from spatial data modelling

Topic2: Exploring aeolian-fluvial interactions, and the implication on geomorphology

Speaker: Dr Andre Python and Dr Baoli Liu, University of Oxford

Brief introduction to the speakers:

Dr Andre Python is a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist in Geospatial Epidemiology in the Malaria Atlas Project at the Big Data Institute, University of Oxford. Andre has published interdisciplinary work in various scientific journals, including Journal of the Royal Statistical Society – Series A: Statistics in Society, Political Geography. Furthermore, he has disseminated his research work to a wide range of audience through publications in popular science magazines such as Significance and various public talks given inside and outside academia.

Dr Baoli Liu is the British Royal Society Newton International Fellow based at School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. Currently she works in the field of Skeleton coastal erg, Namibia, looking at how the current coastal river systems have contributed to the development of the costal deserts.

Time: 9:00am January 6, 2020

Venue: Room A901, IGSNRR

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Hosted by Key Laboratory of Water Cycle & Related Land Surface Processes, CAS

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