Forum for Water Problem——the 35th Lecture in 2019

Topic: Role of Pilot Projects for Irrigation and Drainage Technologies and Lessons Learned from Some Previous Studies

Speaker: Dr. Mohamed A.S. Wahba

Brief introduction to the report:

Agriculture is one of the main sectors in many countries in the world, which deals with different farmers and stakeholders and the promotion of best agricultural practice or new technologies or innovations is a major challenge, especially in those countries dominated by small farms where the managerial skills of the farmers are at present still relatively poor.

Introducing these new technologies or innovations in a pilot project is an initial small-scale implementation that is used to prove the viability of a project idea. This could involve either the exploration of the new approach or idea. Pilot projects offer the opportunity to reduce the risk of rollout failure by enabling all aspects of the roll-out to be tested on a small and well-defined user community before committing to the full implementation. Many good results are only on paper and reports and in fact, it is not a success unless it is acceptable by stakeholders and farmers and supported by DM’s.

Time: 2:00-4:00pm December 26, 2019

Venue: Room A0901, IGSNRR

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