Forum for Water Problem——the 30th Lecture in 2019

Topic: Change of Groundwater System in a Highly-Urbanized Coastal Area in Hong Kong Over Last Century as a result of human activities

Speaker: Dr. Jimmy J. Jiao, the University of Hong Kong

Brief introduction to the report:

Many coastal areas in the world have been intensively urbanized since the number of people living and working on or near coastlines are growing. In Hong Kong, a majority of the total about 7 million people reside in a narrow strip of less than 1 km near the sea.

Coastal areas are usually the ultimate discharge zones of regional groundwater flow systems. The construction of the buildings and underground transport systems usually requires extensive foundation and ground engineering work, including deep excavation, bored piles, grouting, diaphragm walls.

The natural soil in the shallow depth of tens of meters, which is usually a zone with the most active groundwater flow movement, is then replaced by impermeable concrete materials.

These foundation materials will modify the regional groundwater flow system and alter the dynamic interaction between groundwater and seawater. With case studies in Hong Kong Island, this presentation will discuss the change of groundwater level and submarine groundwater discharge due to structure foundations in the heavily populated coastal areas and the possible engineering and environmental consequences.

Time: 10:30-11:30am November 21, 2019

Venue: Room A0901, IGSNRR

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