High-level World Bank Delegation from the Middle East and North Africa Visit Yucheng Station, CAS

A high-level World Bank delegation from the Middle East and North Africa visited the Yucheng Comprehensive Experiment Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on February 3, 2018. The director of the station, Prof. OUYANG Zhu, introduced the history of the Yucheng station, including its role in agricultural research and demonstrations and the leading part it has played during the process of China’s agricultural development. The vice-director, Prof. SUN Zhigang, introduced the main research facilities, research findings, and the domestic and international cooperation activities of the Yucheng station.

The delegation visited the remote sensing application laboratory, the soil and water analysis laboratory, the long-term nutrient balance experiment field, the surface evaporation field, the large-scale lysimeter, and the SPAC system integrated observation field.

Agricultural water use was one of the focuses of this visit. The Yucheng government and Prof. OUYANG explained in detail to the delegation the comprehensive water-saving irrigation model based on the research results of crop water consumption in the Yucheng station. The model includes an agricultural water resources management system, irrigation facilities, and the management of water user associations.

Prof. OUYANG introduces the measurement of crop water consumption (Image by SUN Zhigang)

After a detailed introduction, both parties made an in-depth exchanges on subjects such as planting crops, feedstuff and forage grass processing, livestock and poultry farming, the utilization of agricultural waste, and green vegetable planting.

This visit boosted the cooperation in the area of comprehensive agricultural development between the Yucheng station, the World Bank and countries along the Belt and Road. The World Bank and the Yucheng station reached preliminary agreement on project cooperation and personnel training.

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