Laboratory of Ecological Indicators Analysis

The laboratory is the experiment platform of the Key Laboratory of Ecosystem Network Observation and Modeling, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It belongs to the institute-level experiment center of the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS and is member of the Instrument sharing management platform, CAS. The platform consists of professional experimental parts of Ecological Elements Aanlysis Lab, Microbiology Analysis Lab, Stable Isotope Analysis Lab, and so on. Among them, the Microbiology Analysis Lab and Stable Isotope Analysis Lab are the key international cutting-edge research platforms, which focus on research and development of new technologies and methods related to ecological informatics, ecosystem ecology, biogeographic ecology, and global change ecology. 

At present, the platform has more than 40 sets of instruments and equipment, including 20 sets of analytical instruments with price more than 200,000, all of which are shared on the Instrument sharing management platform, CAS. The instruments and equipment are mainly used for the analysis of C, N, P and other constant element content and morphology, trace element content, and determination of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios of soil, plant, atmospheric and water samples. 

Focusing on ecological element analysis techniques and methods, the laboratory has obtained more than 10 authorized patents by China National Intellectual Administration, and presided over 5 technological innovation projects for the functional development of instruments and equipment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It provides analysis and testing services of carbon, nitrogen and water and other biogenic elements for CNERN, CERN and ChinaFLUX, scientific research institutes and universities, and provides support for scientific research tasks such as the National Key Research and Development Program of China, Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

1.     Ecological Element Analysis Lab

It mainly includes continuous flow analyzer, fully automated wet chemistry analyzer, organic elemental analyzer, total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, ion chromatograph, gas chromatographs, and other instruments. Provide service indicators for the analysis of biological elements and environmental factors of water, soil, gas, and plant samples.

Analytical indicators:

  NH4-N, NO3-N, TN and TC

  Effective phosphorus and total phosphorus

  TOC and DOC

  Chlorophyll, UV-254, and DOM

  N2O, CH4 and CO2

  Anion (F-, Cl-, NO3-, NO2-, SO42-) 

Continuous Flow Analyzer (AutoAnalyzer 3)

Fully Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer (SmartChem 200)

Organic Elemental Analyzer (Elementar varioMACRO)

TOC Analyzers (Elementar liqui TOC II)

Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer (UV-1700)

Ion Chromatograph (Dionex ICS-1100)


Gas Chromatograph (Agilent 7890A)

2.     Microbiology Analysis Lab

It mainly includes real-time quantitative PCR, gas chromatographs, multi-function enzyme marker, high performance liquid chromatograph, and other instruments. Provide technical service indicators for microbial diversity, functional analysis, and the microbial mechanism of soil carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrient cycles.

Analytical indicators:

  DNA Amplification

  PLFAs Determination

  Enzyme Quantification

  Aminosugar Quantitative

Real-Time Quantitative PCR (Illumina ECO)

Gas Chromatograph (Agilent 7890B)

Multi-function Enzyme Marker (BIO-TEK Synergy H4)

High-performance Liquid Chromatography (UltiMate 3000)

3     Stable Isotope Analysis Lab 

It mainly includes continuous-flow stable isotope-ratio mass spectrometers and liquid water isotope analyzer. Provide stable isotopic analysis of carbon (C), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) in organic and inorganic substrates (solids, liquids, and gases).

Analytical indicators:

  δ13C and δ15N

  δ15N-NO3- and δ18O-NO3-


  δ2H and δ18O


Continuous-flow Stable Isotope-ratio Mass Spectrometers (Mat 253- GasBench II- EAisolink)


Continuous-flow Stable Isotope-ratio Mass Spectrometers (Mat 253 Plus- GasBench II- Precon- Flash 2000 HT)

Laser-based Cavity Ring-down Spectrometers (DLT 100 and Picarro L1115-I)

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