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Name: JIA Shaofeng
Current Appointment:Dr. Prof.

1982-1987 B. E. in Water Resource EngineeringDepartment of Hydraulic Engineering Tsinghua UniversityBeijing, China

1987-1989 M. E. in Water Resource Engineering Department of Hydraulic Engineering Tsinghua University Beijing, China

1994-1997 ph.D of Science in Human Geography Institute of Geography Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, China

Areas of Specialization:
Water Resouces Planning and Management
Water Reources Economics
Intergrated Basin Management

Academic Awards:

Society Appointments:
Vice Director, Center for Water Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Vice Chair, Special Commttee for Water Resources, China Hydraulic Engineering Society
Regional Director, International Water Resources Association
Member, Special Commttee for Water Resources, China Society of Natural Resources
Member, Special Commttee of Hydrology, Chinese Society of China
Member, Academic Working Commttee, Chinese Society of China

Representative Publications:


1.  Jia Shaofeng, Jiang Wenlai, Shen Dajun et. Water Resources Economics. Beijing: China WaterPower Press. 2006.

2.  Liu Yanhua(chief editor). Water resource development and eco-environmental protection in Qiadum Basin, Beijing: Science Press,2000.Jia as the acting chief editor

3.  Jia Shaofeng, Zhang Ming. The Earth Surface——Human Homestead. Shanghai: Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 2000.

4. Lu Zhongchen, Jia Shaofeng, etc. Fluvial geomorphologic system. Dalian: Dalian Press, 1991.


Selected Papers:

1.  Jia Shaofeng, Zhang Shifeng, Yang Hong, and Xia Jun. Relation of industial water use and economic developmentwater use Kuznets Curve. Journal of Natural Resources, 2004,19(3):279-6.

2.  Jia Shaofeng, Zhang Shifeng. Effect of Economic Structural Adjustment on Water Saving. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2004(3):111-6.

3.  Jia Shaofeng, Zhou Changqing, Yan Huayun, et al. Estimation of Usable Water Resources and Carrying Capacity of Northwest China. Advances in Water Science, 2004, 15(6):801-7.

4.  Jia Shaofeng, Zhang Shifeng. Response of industrial water use to water price rising in Beijing. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2003(4):108-6.

5.  Jia Shaofeng. Industrial water use and the upgrade of industrial structure. Progress in Geographical Sciences, 2001,20(1).

6.  Jia Shaofeng, Zhang Shifeng. When will water use of China reach the climax? Advances in Water Sciences, 2000,114)。

7.  Jia Shaofeng, Kang Deyong, The focus of water demand forecast and management——water effective demand. Selective papers of Representatives of International Conference Guarantee of Water Resources for the Sustainable Development of Big Cities in Early 21st Century,Tianjin2000.5.8-10

8.  Jia Shaofeng, Kang Deyong. The influence of price rising on water demand in North China. Advances in Water Sciences, 2000,11.

9.   MENG Xiangjing, JIA Shaofeng. The change of arable land in China. The Journal of Chinese Geography, 2000(3)

10.  Jia Shaofeng. Regional Carrying Capacity in Open ConditionMarket and Demographic Analysis, No.6, 2000, Beijing.

11.  Jia Shaofeng, Mao Hanying. Review on Abroad sustainable development measurement research. Advances in Geo-Sciences, 19993.

12.  Meng XiangjingJia Shaofeng, Population distribution in ChinaThe Journal of Chinese Geography, 1999(2)

13.  Zhang Haoxi, Jia Shaofeng. The land rational utilization and sustainable oases ecological agriculture development of Qaidum Basin. The Journal of Chinese Arid Land Research, 1998(2).

14.  Mao Hanying, Jia Shaofeng, Fang Chuanglin, Yu Danlin. Economic and social sustainable development of Qaidum Basin. The Journal of Chinese Arid Land Research, 1998(2).

15.  Jia Shaofeng, Meng Xiangjing, Forecast and Countermeasures of Cultivated Land Change in China. Advance in Geography, Coauthor, No.1, 1997.Beijing.

16.  Jia Shaofeng. The calculation water saving effect of lifting water use efficient of canal system. Irrigation and Drainage, 19972)。

17.  Jia Shaofeng, Meng Xiangjing. Estimation on the Trends of Employment in China. Population Science of China, No.6, 1996 Beijing
Major Research Projects:

1.   Water Circle Observation and Rational Utilization of Water Resources in Qiadum Basin. National Foundation of Natural Sciences, 2004-2006. (PI)

2.   Ecological Water Requirement and Optimal Distribution of Water Resources in Xiangride Area. State key research project of 10th five-year-plan, 2002-2006. (PI)

3.   Water Supply and Water Resources Security in North China. Funded by Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002-2004. (PI).

4.   The Water Resource Carrying Capacity in Northwest China, Special Research Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences for the Development of West China, 2001-2003. (PI)

5.   The Sustainable Utilization of Water Resource and Coordinated Development Between Economy and Ecology in Yellow River Basin, Key research Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1999-2001. (PI)

6.   Water Demand Prediction in North China. Key Research Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1997-2001. (PI)

7.   The Reasonable Utilzation of Water Resources and Economic and Social Development in Qiadam Basin, State Key Research project, 1996-2000. (PI),

8.   Planning on Social and Economic Development in Huai-Hai Economic Zone, Local Cooperation Organization entrusted project, 1995-1996, (Main participant).

9.   Planning on Social and Economic Development in Shan County, Shandong Province, Local Government entrusted project, 1994-1995, (Main participant).

Office Address: Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resource Research Chinese Academy of Sciences No. 11A, Datun Road Beijing 100101, P. R. China
Tel: 86-10-64856539 

2007 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS.