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Name: LU Feng  

Current Appointment:  Professor
Academic Appointments


Director of GIS Department, National Remote Sensing Center of China,

Deputy Director of GIS-T Technology Committee, China,

Member of the Theoretical and Methodological Committee, China Association of GIS,

Member of the Academic Committee for the New Technology Applications, Chinese Academy of Urban Planning,

Member of the User Interface Committee, Group on Earth Observation (GEO),

Member of the Youth Union, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Areas of Specialization

Spatial data modeling, Spatial DBMS, GIS for transportation and Urban GIS application.


Selective publications

1. Feng Lu, Paiwei Shen, Jie Chen, 2006, An intelligent GIS model for multi-modal urban transportation network, GIS Development, 10(1):38-40;

2. Feng Lu, Poh-Chin Lai, 2006, A Shortest Path Algorithm Based on Limited Search Heuristics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3967:487-497;

3. Jie Chen, Feng Lu, 2006, An Optimization Algorithm of Pallottino Implemented with Two Queues in Transportation Network, Journal of Image and Graphics, 11(3):419-424 (in Chinese);

4. Shupeng Chen, Feng Lu, 2006, Geo-spatial Analysis on Metropolitan Regions in China, in: Annals of China City Development (in Chinese).

5. Jie Chen, Feng Lu, 2005, Implementation and Evaluation of the Shortest Path Labeling Algorithms in Transportation Networks, Journal of Image and Graphics, 10(9):1134-1138 (in Chinese);

6. Feng Lu, Shih-lung Shaw, Jie Chen, Chenghu Zhou, Spatial Patterns of Domestic Passenger Transport and Competitive Situation for Chinese Civil Airlines, Geo-information Science, 7(4):43-49 (in Chinese);

7. Mingbo Zhang, Feng Lu et al. 2005, The evolvement and progress of R-tree family, Chinese Journal of Computers, 28(3):289-300 (in Chinese)

8. Feng Lu, Yanning Guan, 2004, An optimum vehicular path solution with multi-heuristics, 2004Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3039:964-971

9. Feng Lu, Paiwei Shen, Mingbo Zhang, 2004, Feature-based object oriented geographical network modeling, Geo-information Science, 6(3):72-77 (in Chinese)

10.Changxiu Cheng, Feng Lu, Mingbo Zhang, 2003, A granularity based pyramid model for online mass vector transmission and visualization, 2003, Geographical Information Science, 9(1):29-34

11.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu and Wan Qing, 2002, Implementation of non-planar data set for urban traffic networks, ACTA GEODAETICA et CARTOGRAPHICA SINICA, 31(2):182-186 (in Chinese)

12.Lu Feng, Zhou Daling and Guo Chaozhen, 2002, Probe into Network Oriented Large-scale GIS Platform Structure, Geo-Information Science, 4(3):26-34

13.Lu Feng, 2002The state of the arts in Chinese Urban ITS Applications, Proceedings of GIS Development Symposium, China GIS Association, Xiamen, 2002.10.29-11.01, 46-51

14.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu and Wan Qing, 2002, GIS representation and implementation for urban three-dimensional traffic network, Proceedings of the Fifth Urban GIS Forum, Taiwan, 2002.11.27-12.05

15.Jiang Bin, Huang Bo and Lu Feng, 2002, Spatial Analysi and Geovisualizaton in GIS, Beijing: Higher Education Press

16.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu, 2001, A Hilbert code generation algorithm based on spatial hierarchical decomposition, Journal of Image and Graphics, 6(5):465-469 (in Chinese)

17.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu, 2001, A GIS spatial indexing method based on Hilbert ordering code, Journal of CAD and Graphics, 13(5):424-429 (in Chinese)

18.Lu Feng, 2001, Shortest path algorithms: taxonomy and research progress. ACTA GEODAETICA et CARTOGRAPHICA SINICA, 30(3):269-275, (in Chinese)

19.Lu Feng, Li Xiaojuan, Zhou Chenghu, Yin Lianwang, 2001, Feature based spatial-temporal data model: advance in researchand problems, Journal of Image and Graphics, 6(9):830-835 (in Chinese)

20.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu & Wan Qing, 2000, Intelligent transportation systems and urban GIS for transportation, Geomatics World, 1: 20-23 (in Chinese)

21.Chen Shupeng, Lu Feng & He Jianbang (chief-editor), Urbanization and Urban Geographical Information Systems, Beijing: Science Press, 2000 (in Chinese)

22.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu & Wan Qing, 2000, An optimum path algorithm for traffic network based on hierarchical spatial reasoning, Geo-spatial Information Science (Quarterly), 3(4):36-42

23.Chenghu Zhou, Feng Lu & Qing Wan, 2000, A conceptual model for a feature-based virtual network, Geoinformatica, 4(3):271-286

24.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu, Wan Qing, 2000, An improved Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm based on quad heap priority queue and MBR searching method, Proceedings of the 9th Spatial Data Handling Symposium, 2000,6b:3-13

25.Lu Feng, Zhou Chenghu and Wan Qing, 2000, A feature-based non-planar data model for urban traffic networks, ACTA GEODAETICA et CARTOGRAPHICA SINICA, 29(4):334-341 (in Chinese)

English version was presented at proceedings of the international symposium on remote sensing, Nov.1-3, 2000, Kyongju, Korea, 89-94

26.Lu Feng & Cui Weihong, 1999, Matching error analysis of GPS positioning and digital maps in vehicle guidance and monitoring, Journal of Remote Sensing, 3(4):312-317 (in Chinese)

27.Lu Feng, Lu Dongmei & Cui Weihong, 1999, Time shortest path algorithm for restricted searching area in transportation networks, Journal of Image and Graphics, 4A(10): 849-853 (in Chinese)

28.Lu Feng, Lu Dongmei & Cui Weihong, 1999, Improved Dijkstra’s algorithm based on quad-heap priority queue and inverse adjacent lists, Journal of Image and Graphics, 4A(12):1039-1045 (in Chinese)

29.Lu Feng & Cui Weihong, 1999, Research on urban digital transportation engineering, in: Digital Earth, Chiefly Edited by Cui Weihong, Chinese Environment Science Press, 165-172 (in Chinese)

30.Lu Feng & Cui Weihong, 1999, A GIS method for regional transportation situation evaluation, Territory & Natural Resources Study, No.3: 31-34 (in Chinese)

31.Lu Feng, Li Hongga & Li Zhixi, 1998, Village agro-forestry planning in tropical forest reserve with remote sensing and GIS technologies, Tropical Geography, 18(2):103-107 (in Chinese)

Academic Awards

Second Prize for National Sciences & Technology Achievements, 2006;

Third Prize for Natural Science, Yunnan Province, 2003

Address: State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System,

The Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research,

Chinese Academy of Sciences,

11A, Datun Road, Beijing, 100101, P.R.China

Office Telephone: (86-10) 64888966
FAX(86-10) 64889630
Email: or

2007 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS.