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Food waste regulation_top01.jpg
Food Waste Regulation Takes Effect in Beijing
Catering service providers in Beijing who encourage, mislead or force consumers to order too much food may face fines of up to 10,000 yuan ($1,570), according to a regulation passed by the mun...
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  • Researchers Explore Method to Reduce Heavy Metal Contamination in Crops
  • Global Urban Expansion Sees Continuous Acceleration: Research
  • IGSNRR Hosted the 2021 Online Admission Briefing for International Students
  • A New Book Release, Land Use Transitions and Rural Restructuring in China
  • Research Progress
    China Experienced a Brighter, Greener, Earlier Spring in 2020 Under COVID-19 Restrictions
    Scientists have previously found that, due to the shutdowns brought by COVID-19 last year, the atmospheric pollution has been improved as the pande...
    Zhang Y-Location of the study area, field sampling—top01.jpg
    Researchers Retrieve Intra-daily Instantaneous FAPAR from the Geostationary Satellite Data
    The fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (FAPAR) defines the fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) absorbed by ...
    Food flow in China’s supply chain from farm to fork-top01.jpg
    New Study Helps to Reduce Food Loss and Waste and Boost Food Security and Sustainability
    Food loss and waste (FLW) has become a worldwide concern in recent years and is widely identified as a key barrier to food security, human health, ...
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    * Global Recruitment of International Staff at IGSNRR, CAS Jul 16
    * Global Recruitment of International Staff at IGSNRR, CAS May 10
    * Forum for Water Problem——the Fifth Lecture in 2021 Apr 2
    * UCAS 2021 Admission Briefing for International Students Jan 18
    * Forum for Water Problem——the Ninth Lecture in 2020 Dec 17
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