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A New Book Release, The Belt and Road Initiative: A Pathway towards Inclusive Globalization
Update time: [August 30, 2019]
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The book, The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): A pathway towards inclusive globalization was issued by The Commercial Press in August, 2019. The book tries to examine the general context in which the BRI is raised and implemented, arguing that this Chinese initiative, instead of replacing existing international cooperator mechanisms. This is a call for the reform and development of neoliberal globalization and will open up a new era of inclusive globalization. 

Inclusive globalization is neither an overturning nor a simple continuation of neoliberal globalization but rather a proposal capable of addressing the problems of existing globalization. The difference between them lies in the fact that globalization cannot only serve the “spatial fix” of capital but also has to meet the needs of living people.  The book addresses a number of major issues on building the Belt and Road and contains Chinese media’s interviews with the author on various BRI issues.  

The author, Prof. LIU Weidong has been intensively involved in the study of and planning for the BRI. He is a professor in Economic Geography at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include regional development and regional policy, foreign direct investment, multinational corporations, Global Product in Network, the automobile industry, and the Belt and Road Initiative of China.


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