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Prof. LI Zhao-Liang Elected New Members of Academia Europaea 2017
Update time: [November 01, 2017]
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The Academia Europaea recently announced the result of new added members in 2017. Sierd Cloetingh, President of the Academia Europaea, sent a congratulation letter to Prof. LI Zhao-Liang for his successful election.

Prof. LI is a research fellow with the State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information Systems, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He has published more than 100 papers in international refereed journals. His main expertise fields include thermal infrared radiometry, parameterization of land surface processes at large scale, and assimilation of satellite data to land surface models.

Academia Europaea, formed in 1988 and advocated by the European multinational science ministers and co-founded by the National Academy of Sciences of multiple countries which represents the highest academic standards of European countries including the Royal Society, is a European, non-governmental association acting as an Academy.

The object of Academia Europaea is the advancement and propagation of excellence in scholarship in the humanities, law, the economic, social, and political sciences, mathematics, medicine, and all branches of natural and technological sciences anywhere in the world for the public benefit and for the advancement of the education of the public of all ages in the aforesaid subjects in Europe.

The members of Academia Europaea are scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning, education and research. There are now approximately 3,800 academicians including 52 Nobel Prize winners.

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