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The 60th GIS Academic Forum
Update time: [October 14, 2019]
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Topic: The Recent Global Greening and its Implications on Global Carbon Cycle

Speaker: Jean-Louis Roujean, Académie des sciences

Brief Introduction to the Report:

TRISHNA is a future satellite mission in the TIR domain with scientific objectives including: the water stress of the ecosystems, the monitoring of coastal areas, the urban heat island, and further the solid Earth, the cryosphere and the atmosphere.

TRISHNA will have a 3-days revisit per week and a global coverage. Four TIR channels and 6 VNIR channels are proposed, with a spatial resolution about 50m. TRISHNA will have a wide FOV which will generate sizeable directional effects on the brightness temperature and land surface temperature (LST).

Before all, in the intertropical zone and from March to October, at least 1 from the 3 weekly successive observations will be contaminated by the hotspot phenomenon. Results of preparative studies for TRISHNA will be shown, using parametric models (RL), 1D (SCOPE) and 3D (DART) to correct for directional effect, and particularly the hotspot effect. Moreover, the added value of VNIR signal for TIR interpretation will be outlined. Finally, envisaged methods like GWS and TES for LST retrieval will be explained.

Time: 2:00pm Oct. 16, 2019

Venue: Room A0214, IGSNRR

Host: Prof. TANG Bohui, State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System

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