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The 57th GIS Academic Forum
Update time: [September 03, 2019]
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Speaker: Prof. Olaf Kolditz, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

Prof. Kolditz is the head of the Department of Environmental Informatics at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ). He holds a Chair in Applied Environmental System Analysis at the Technische University in Dresden. His research interests are related to environmental fluid mechanics, numerical methods and software engineering with applications in geotechnics, hydrology and energy storage. Prof. Kolditz is the lead scientist of the OpenGeoSys project (www.opengeosys.org), an open source scientific software platform for the numerical simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical processes in porous media, in use worldwide. Prof. Kolditz is Editor-in-Chief of two international journals Geothermal Energy and Environmental Earth Sciences (ISI).

Brief Introduction to the Report:

Availability of reliable information describing our natural and anthropogenic environment, particularly its changes, is crucial for understanding the complexity of structures and processes within environmental systems. In past different attempts have been made to provide information systems (expert systems) mainly based on Geographical Information Systems. The concept of Environmental Information Systems (EIS) combines the capabilities of GIS for data representation and predictive modelling tools in the related geographical context. The EIS is embedded into a Virtual Reality (VR) environment for a realistic data and model representation. Moreover, EIS are building continuous workflows for data integration, process simulation, and visual data analytics using interactive visualization methods. The EIS concept is inspired by Water 4.0 framework and will be further developed for operational water management purposes. Two EIS examples are presented for water supply for Chaohu city and the aquatic ecosystem in the Poyang Lake Basin – demonstrating the status and capabilities of EIS implementations.

Time: 3:00pm September 6, 2019

Venue: Room A0214, IGSNRR

Host: YUE Tianxiang, CAS member, State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System

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