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Forum for Water Problem——the 48th Lecture in 2016
Update time: 2016-12-20
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Topic1: Analysis on energy-water nexus by Sankey diagram: The case of China

Speaker: Dr. QU Xunmin, Tsinghua University

Brief introduction: QU Xunmin and his team visualize water utilization in China from source to service and onward to destination, using a Sankey diagram to analyze the energy-water nexus at the national level. The electricity required for water supply, treatment, utilization and post-use utilization comprised about 4–10 % of total national electricity consumption in 2009. Water used by energy-related industry represents an important contribution (about 14 %) of total water consumption and withdrawal in this country.

Topic2: Systems thinking towards a more sustainable future

Speaker: Dr. YAN Xiaoyu, University of Exeter

Brief introduction: In this talk, Xiaoyu will give a brief overview of the research most relevant to IGSNRR at University of Exeter and the work that is ongoing in his group around systems thinking in energy systems and environmental sustainability. He will also talk about potential areas for collaboration between IGSNRR and University of Exeter, e.g., Water-Energy-Food Nexus and relevant EU-China and UK-China research project proposals currently in development.

Brief introduction to Dr. YAN Xiaoyu: He is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Clean Technology and Renewable Energy at the Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter. Xiaoyu has a broad interest in Energy and the Environment and more than 10 years of experience in a range of interdisciplinary areas, including engine testing of biofuels, energy system modelling, and using life cycle assessment (LCA) to evaluate the sustainability of bioenergy pathways, electricity generation, transport technologies, water systems, metal mining and waste processing operations.

Time: 2:00pm December 23, 2016

Venue: Room 411, Geographic Sciences Museum, IGSNRR

Host: Prof. TANG Qiuhong

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