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Research Progress
Logical framework for the method_top01.jpg
How much Atmospheric Nitrogen is Removed by Dry Depositio... (Feb 24, 2016)

  Rapid industrial development and agricultural production emit large quantities of NOx (NO + NO2) and NH3 to the atmosphere. After a series of chemical transformations and physical transport processes in the atmosphere, NH3 and NOx are removed through d...
left children_top.JPG
China's Left-Behind Children: Impact of Parental Migratio... (Jan 20, 2016)

  China’s rapid development and urbanization have induced large numbers of rural residents to migrate from their homes to urban areas in search of better job opportunities. Parents typically leave their children behind with a caregiver, creating a new, ...
distribution of grassland_top01.JPG
Researchers Estimate the Effects of Ecological Projects o... (Dec 21, 2015)

  Ecological projects are an important and vital method to help ecosystem adaptation and restoration in response to the environment change and human interference. The accurate and objective assessment of ecological projects will assist ecosystem manageme...
land subclasses_01.jpg
New insight on the Trajectories, Patterns and Drivers of ... (Dec 2, 2015)

  To a certain extent urbanization and industrialization affects ecosystem services and environmental quality. Understanding the spatiotemporal patterns and driving forces of urban and industrial land expansions at the national scale is important to info...
Estimating trade flows_Liu_top01.jpg
Using Sector-specific Statistical Model Estimates Inter-r... (Oct 15, 2015)

  China has huge differences among its regions in terms of socio-economic development, industrial structure, natural resource endowments, and technological advancement. These differences have created complicated linkages between regions in China.
Recent Changes in Wetlands on the Tibetan Plateau:A Review (Sep 7, 2015)

  About 80% of global wetland resources are degrading or disappearing; thus the wetland ecosystem has become one of the most seriously threatened ecosystems in the world.
  As an area sensitive to global changes and acting as a security barrier for the...
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