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Research Progress
Classification of regular commuters01.jpg
Researchers Release Commutes Affect Our Job and Housing D... (Nov 20, 2018)

  Job and housing dynamics are related to commutes of our daily life. Few longitudinal studies have examined their correlations. Now, a study reporting in PNAS on November 19 have investigated job and housing dynamics by various mobility groups.
  The ...
The departure and destination cities of China-Europe Express trains_top.jpg
How to Operate the China-Europe Railway Express without S... (Nov 14, 2018)

  Facilities connectivity is a priority area for implementing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The "China-Europe Railway Express" (CER Express) scheduled high-speed freight train services between China and countries along the "Silk Road Economic Belt"...
Switch in the climatic factors.jpg
Switch in the Climatic Factors Controlling Vegetation Dyn... (Sep 17, 2018)

  The cover art design is reproduced from two photos taken by Prof. Xunming Wang during his field investigation in the summer of 2013, which show typical vegetation types on the central and southeastern Tibetan Plateau where the climate control on vegeta...
Scientists Found That Wheat Growing Season Lengths Change... (Aug 21, 2018)

  This is the average relative contribution of climate change and crop management on Tphe for spring wheat (a) and winter wheat (b). Values denotes the mean of percentage of all stations in each wheat-cropping system. SD: sowing date; ED: emergence date;...
A sample downward DHP image.jpg
Researchers Investigate New Canopy Clumping Indices to Me... (Jul 9, 2018)

  Canopy clumping index (CI) indicates the non-random distribution of foliage components in space, and is an important structural parameter for better understanding the radiative transfer process in a canopy. Field measurements of CI have been generally ...
Graphical Abstract01.jpg
Study Shows Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Chinese Vegeta... (Jun 8, 2018)

  Net primary production (NPP) is an important ecological indicator for the terrestrial ecosystem carbon budget which corresponds to the amount of organic matter produced by photosynthesis per unit of time and area, minus autotrophic respiration of veg...
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