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Integrated Ecosystem Assessment of Three-River Headwaters Region in Qinghai Province
Update time: 2007-11-16
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Executive: Shao Quanqin(Team leader), Fan Jiangwen(Deputy Team Leader), Liu Jiyuan (Project Chief Scientist)


The "Three-River Headwaters" Region also known as China′s "Watertower", is located in the world topmost plateau where assembles the richest diversified living organisms, people often refer it to a gene pool of plateau biology. However, due to the climate change and man′s exorbitant demand on the natural resources in recent years, environment of the plateau rangeland has been seriously damaged, and its ecological function in terrupted. The situation is threatening the ecological safety of the catchment of the Yellow, the Yangtze, and the Lancang rivers, even the whole eastern Asia.

This project develops Multi-scale spatial-temporal ecosystem monitoring and assessment information, and constructs indicator system of integrated ecosystem assessment, then completes integrated ecosystem assessment project of "Three-River Headwaters" Region in Qinghai Province. The achievement includes integrated ecosystem assessment report of Three-River Headwaters region in Qinghai Province, integrated analysis maps of ecosystem status in "Three-River Headwaters" Region, integrated database and database management system of ecosystem assessment in "Three-River Headwaters" Region. Several new concepts and methods are developed, such as ecological background, classification System of grassland degradation, river flow regulation coefficient, during the implementation of this project. This project acquires several scientific conclusion on temporal-spatial process rules and formation mechanism of ecosystem changes in "Three-River Headwaters" Region, and provides important theory foundation for ecosystem restoration in "Three-River Headwaters" Region.

From: Research Center for Geoinformation Science

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