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Study on the Urbanization Process Restricted by Water Resources in the Arid Area of Northwest China and Its Ecological Effects
Update time: 2007-08-06
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Executive: Chuang-lin Fang


This project takes the Hexi Corridor in the arid area of northwest China as a case and the water resources restriction as the precondition, aiming at the coupling mechanism of the urbanization process and the eco-environment change process which follows the laws of human and nature respectively. As the basic research on the threat mechanism between them is weak, this project takes it as an important task. By the system integration method and the RS & GIS technology, the forcing factors of the threat between the water resources change process and the urbanization process were decided. The threat mechanism and laws which the water resources change gives the urbanization process were found out. The ecological effects which are caused by the urbanization process and are related to water resources were analyzed. Based on the above, the urbanization processes restricted by different water resources constraint intensity were dynamically simulated, and the ecological costs of different urbanization mode were forecasted. This can be taken as the scientific decision base which gives directions to the choice of urbanization mode and the construction of urban system in arid area. Therefore, this project has an important theoretic meaning to choose the urban development mode, accelerate the urbanization process, improve the eco-environment, and realize the comparatively well-off living standard in the arid area of northwest China.

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