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Research Progress
Model of accumulation of REY in deep-sea_top.jpg
Small Fish Teeth Contain Great Value Information for Rare... (Jun 27, 2022)

  Investigating potential rare earth element (REE) resources and exploring feasible deposits have facing significant challenges.
  As well known, fish teeth as potential proxies from deep-sea sediments are the most REE-rich materials in the world. Howe...
The spatial pattern of trends in ET-top01.jpg
New Study Reveals Evapotranspiration Magnitude, Its Trend... (Jun 17, 2022)

  Evapotranspiration (ET) is a key component in the energy and water cycles. On a global scale, about two thirds of land precipitation returns to atmosphere via ET. The Tibetan Plateau (TP), dubbed as the “Asian Water Tower”, is the source of tens of m...
2022 lan hx. hssc-top.jpg
Study Reveals Effect of China's Poverty Alleviation Polic... (Mar 30, 2022)

  China has achieved a comprehensive victory in poverty reduction through decades of hard work and a set of measures, especially the continuous implementation of targeted poverty alleviation policy proposed in 2013.
  Many poverty people are still livi...
cheng wei0315-2022_01top.jpg
Researchers Present Spatial Heterogeneity of Global Month... (Mar 18, 2022)

  Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations by fossil fuel combustion is the main driver of global warming. Global CO2 retrieval products based on continuous satellite observations reveal nonuniform distributions of atmospheric CO2 conce...
New Study Understands the Energy Globalization of China (Mar 7, 2022)

  With the development of renewable energy, the basic logic of the interactions among global energy network has been changed. As Although traditional energy is still the top priority for China, the roles of China in the global energy networks are not onl...
Various riparian vegetation_Chen Dong-01.jpg
How Does Riparian Vegetation Influence the Sinuosity and ... (Feb 7, 2022)

  Riparian vegetation growing in meandering river floodplains has differing abilities to stabilize streambanks depending on the vegetation type and density, which further influences meander bend migration.
  Collaborating with Dr. Marwan Hassan from Un...
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