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YuCheng Experimental Station
Update time: [May 13, 2007]
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The flux observation site og Yucheng warmer temperate dry farming cropland is located in Yucheng Integrated Agricultural Experimental Station of CERN( 36°57′N, 116°36′E),which beongs to Chinese Ecosystem Research Network and China National Ecosystem Observation and southweat of Yucheng County,Shandong province.Landfom of this area is Yellow River alluvial plain,with an average altitude about 28 m, and representative to typical conditions of Huang-Huai -Hai Plain.


 This area belongs to the warmer temperate zone and climate is sei-humid and monsoon climate .Mean annual global solar radition is 5225 MJ/m2,mean annual temperature is 13.1 and mean annual precipitation is 528 mm.Mean annual accumlated temperature of >0 is 4951, and >10 is 4441,with mean annual sunshine duration of 2640 h and frost-free period of 200 d.This area is rich in sunlight ,heat and underground water, which is beneficial to agriculture.In the history ,natural disasters had been frequent such as drought ,floods and storms.The environment here is quite vulnerable but it has high potential productivity.

Vegetation and soil

 Yucheng station is an agricultural experimental station with winter whieat and corn as the main crops,crop maturity twice per year.Soil type is alluvial deposit of Yellow River and main is aquox and salted awuox.The surface soil is rich in light -mid loam.

Observation system

 Major observations system at Yucheng site includes 2-level rouyine meteorological measurement system and OPEC system,6-level CO2/H2O profiling system .Meanwhile,chamber measurement system is also used to measure the greenhouse gases as CO2, CH4 and N2O emissions from the soil.

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