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To meet the needs of the research programs of the Institute, experimental instruments and analyses techniques are incorporated in a laboratory system with advanced function equipment. Renewal of information facilities at the State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environment Information Systems and Resource and Environment Data Center, is strengthening the development of GIS software, and improving the basic conditions for the development of geo-sciences, resources science, and geo-information science. Renovation of the laboratory system for biological and chemical analyses is contributing to the build-up of an advanced experimental analysis system. Consequently, a central experimental laboratory and analytical laboratories are in line for completion.

The Institute has also renovated the run-off simulation laboratory to enable study of water and sediment transportation processes on land surfaces. It has requested the construction of an integrated simulation laboratory that will include fluvial geo-morphology and run-off models for land surface processes. Research in these fields is about to commence. The Institute further renovated field experimental equipments in Yucheng, Qianyanzhou, Lhasa and Luancheng, and at CERN headquarters. These now complete a field-observation system that matches the Institute research direction. Moreover, at Yucheng, Qianyanzhou and Luancheng experimental stations, the carbon fluxes measurements system is now installed. It will help achieve the objectives of both the Institute and academy in projects on “Carbon cycles in the terrestrial ecosystems and near-sea of China”.

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