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Name: ZHANG Linxiu
Current Appointment:
PhD in Agricultural Economics

Areas of Specialization:
Agricultural and rural development policy studies

Academic Awards
NSFC Outstanding Young Scientists Award (2002)

Society Appointments:

1) Member of American Agricultural Economists Association.

2) Member of Chinese Economists Association.

3) Member of editorial board of Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

4 Board Member of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Economics and of the Chinese Association of Agri-Technical Economics.

5) Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees for the WorldFish Centre (2000-2006)

6) Board member of World Agrofroestry Center (ICRAF).

7) Independent board member of the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

Representative Publications (recent):


Liu Haomiao, Zhang Linxiu, Scott Rozelle and Loren Brandt (2007): An Analysis of the Impact of the Tax System Reform upon the Finance of Township, Management World, No.5, 2007, pp49-55.

Li Qiang, Zhang Linxiu (2007): An Application of Farm Household Model: Impact Analysis of China’s WTO Accession on Farm Household Production and Consumption Behaviour, Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University (Social Sciences Edition), No.1, 2007, pp.25-36.

Luo Renfu, Zhang Linxiu, Huang Jikun, Scott Rozelle and Chengfang Liu (2006): Village GovernanceRural Tax-for-Fee Reform and Public Goods Provisions in Rural China, China Economic Quarterly, Vol.5 No.4 (2006): 1295-1310

Zhang, Linxiu, Luo Renfu, Chengfang Liu and Scott Rozelle (2005): Determinants of Public Goods Investments in Rural China, Economic Research Journal, 11 (2005): 76-86;


Alan de Brauw, Qiang Li, Chengfang Liu, Scott Rozelle and Linxiu Zhang (forthcoming), “Feminization of Agriculture in China? Debunking Myths Surrounding Women’s Participation in Farming.” China QuarterlyAccepted. [SSCI]

Renfu Luo, Linxiu Zhang, Jikun Huang and Scott Rozelle (2007). “Elections, Fiscal Reform and Public Goods Provision in Rural China”, Journal of Comparative Economics, [SSCI]

Yu, Lerong, Renfu Luo and Linxiu Zhang. “Decomposing Income Inequality and Policy Implications in Rural China”, China & World Economy, Vol 15, No.2, pp44-58,2007. [SSCI]

Zhang Linxiu, Yan Yuanyuan, Scott Rozelle and Holly Wang (2006): An Empirical Analysis of China’s New Cooperative Medical System: From a Policy Prospective, Social Sciences in China, Vol. XXVII, no.3, Autumn, 2006: 107-116.

Zhang, Jian, Linxiu Zhang, Scott Rozelle and Steve Boucher2006: Self-employment with Chinese Characteristics: The Forgotten Engine of Rural China’s Growth, Contemporary Economic Policy, March 1, 1-13, 2006. [SSCI]

Zhang, Linxiu, Renfu Luo, Scott Rozelle and Chengfang Liu (2006): Investing in Rural China: China’s Commitment to Modernization, The Chinese Economy, Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 57–84, 2006

Major Research Projects (current):

1. CAS International collaboration (2005-2008) on Ecosystem Services Changes and Human Activities

2. Policy options for sustainable rural development, 2007-2009, CAS innovation project.

3. Impact of agricultural tax elimination on rural public goods provision (2007-2009), Joint research with MIT and Stanford University

Office Address:

11A Da Tun Road

An Wai, Beijing 100101

People’s Republic of China

Telephone: 86-01-64889440

Fax: 86-01-64856533


2007 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS.