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Name: SONG Xian-Fang

Current Appointment: Professor

Apr of 1993 - Mar of 1996, Ph.D. (Geography and Hydrology), University of Tsukuba, Japan
Sept of 1985 July of 1989, M.S. (Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology), Changchun College
of Geology;
Sept of 1981- July of 1984, B.E. (Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology),  Hebei College
of Geology.
Areas of Specialization:

Water cycle and water environment studies of watershed using environmental isotopes (D, 18O, 3H, 14C, et al.), hydrochemistry, hydrological experiments and remote sensing technology.

Together with other researchers of Key Laboratory of Water Cycle and Related Land Surface Processes, he has constructed experimental watersheds in North China, including Niujiazhuang Watershed in Taihang Mountainous Region, Chongling Waterhsed in Hebei Province and Dongtaigou Experimental Watershed in Beijing. Both high-dissolution spatio-temporal observation and systematic sampling for precipitation, surface water, soil water and groundwater were conducted in these experimental watersheds, to study hydrological cycle mechanism such as processes of precipitation infiltration, soil water consumption by evapotranspiration, runoff-generating and groundwater renewability in different scale watersheds under changing environments.

Society Appointments:

Deputy director of Key Lab. of Water Cycle & Related Land Surface Processes, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Editorial board member for Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology;

Adjunct professor of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Visitor professor of Aichi University and Henan Polytechnic University;

Chinese principal of Groundwater Association of China, Japan and Korea;

Standing member of Hydrology Committee of the Geographical Society of China;

Member of water resources Committee of China Society of Natural Resources;

Representative Publications:

1. Song Xiangfang, Liu Xiangchao, Xia Jun, et al. 2006. A study of interaction between surface water and ground-water using environmental isotope in Huaisha River basin. Science in China Series D-Earth Sciences. 49(12): 1299-1310.

2. Song, X. Saito, G., Kodama, M. & Sawada, H. 2004. Early Detection System of Drought in East Asia Using NDVI from NOAA/AVHRR Data. The International Journal of Remote Sensing. Vol. 25(16): 3105 – 3111.

3. Song, X. Kayane, I. Tanaka, T. & Shimada, J. 1999. Conceptual model of evolution of groundwater quality at the wet zone in Sri Lanka. Environmental Geology. Vol.39(2): 149-164.

4. Song, X. Kayane, I. Tanaka, T. & Shimada, J. 1999. A study of groundwater cycle using stable isotope in Sri Lanka. Hydrological Processes. Vol. 13(10): 1479-1496.

5. Song, X. Kayane, I. Tanaka, T. & Shimada, J. 1999. Conceptual model of evolution of groundwater quality at the dry zone in Sri Lanka. Journal of Japan Society of Hydrology & Water Resources. Vol. 12(5): 408-428.

6. Song, X. 1998. A Study on the Relation between water cycle and groundwater quality in Sri Lanka. Science Reports of Institute of Geoscience, University of Tsukuba, Section A. Vol. 19: 11-38.

7. Song, X. & Kayane, I. 1996. Zonal characteristics of groundwater quality controlled by climate in Sri Lanka. Journal of Japanese Associate of Hydrological Sciences. Vol. 26(3): 151-165.

8. Song Xianfang, Li Fadong, Yu Jingjie , et al. 2007. Characteristics of groundwater cycle using deuterium,oxygen-18 and hydrochemistry in Chaobai River Basin. Geographical Research. 26(1): 11-21.

9.  Li Fadong, Song Xianfang, Tang Changyuan, et al. 2007. Tracing infiltration and recharge using stable isotope in Taihang Mt. North China. Environmental Geology. Accepted.

10. Liu Xin, Song Xiangfang, Xia Jun, et al. 2007. Characteristics of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes and Preliminary Analysis of Vapor Source for Precipitation in Chabagou Catchment of the Loess Plateau. Resources Science. 29 (3): 59-66

Major Research Projects:

?  Contrasting Study of Carbon Transportation Between Yangtse River and Huanghe River, “973” Program;

?  Watershed-scale water cycle study of Taihang Mountain Area Using Environmental isotopes and HydrochemistryNational Natural Science Foundation of China;

?  The crust Lifting Analog Device of Land Surface Related to Water and Soil Processes, Program for Scientific Research Apparatus of Chinese Academy of Sciences;

?  Environmental Isotopes research of Precipitation Related to Chinese Ecosystem Research Network, Resources and Environment Field station study foundations of Chinese Academy of Sciences;

?  Groundwater Precise Monitoring and Database Construciton of Yellow River Basin, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba 305-8506, Japan;

?  Investigation & Evaluation of Groundwater Resources and Environmental Geology in Bohai Region, Funded by China Geological Survey

 Office Address:
Key Lab. of Water Cycle & Related Land Surface Processes, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy
of Sciences
11A, Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100101, P. R. China

Telephone: 86-10-64889849

Fax: 86-10-64889849

2007 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS.