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Marine Erosion Landform

Mushroom-like Rocks Photo: Yang Yichou

Time: 1991

Site: Keelung and Peace Island, Taiwan

Brief Introduction: Taiwan is an island. In the northern, eastern and southern parts of the island, there are bedrock coasts, which are mainly composed of sand shale and coral reef. Only in the western part of the island, there is muddy coast, while there is mangrove coast in the northwest. Under the long-term erosion of the wave, the northern part of the bedrock coast and the eastern part of the sand shale coast have formed different shapes of landforms, such as Yehliu, Keelung and Peace Island in the northeastern part of the coast, and the small Yehliu in Taitung, Hualien coast. Erosion landform is famous for mushroom-like rocks landform in the world.

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